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Pediatric Vision


It is imperative that prior to entering first grade, every child should have a complete eye examination.  Because children are learning things for the first time, clarity is a learned attribute.  If vision/eye issues are not checked and treated early, problems may persist well into adulthood.  Even children with clear vision can still have lack of focus, occasional double vision, or disorganized vision leading to lack of tracking while reading a sentence which becomes a major issue when the sentence becomes a paragraph, and then a page, and later, a book.  A child is not going to know, that he or she is having vision related learning problems.  Oftentimes, these issues cause a decrease in confidence and sometimes, withdrawal.  For example, a child may be afraid to be called on by a teacher to read out loud to the class.  In order to give children their best chance at success, a detailed yearly eye exam becomes very important.



“Success starts with good vision.” 



~Nancy Davis, O.D.

In sports, such as baseball, basketball, golf, and tennis, where there is a ball in motion and constant body movement, the eyes can have trouble tracking.  Even with 20/20 vision, children playing these sports are just beginning to develop their muscle memory and, with constant growth, that becomes extremely difficult when there are vision issues.  Over the years, I have seen many children drop out of sports.  When I ask why they stopped playing, sadly, many responses were, “I couldn’t play like I used to.”  

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