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Preliminary Tests

Before you meet with the doctor, a technician will welcome you and perform an initial assessment of your vision with a series of preliminary tests. All or most of the following eye tests will be performed.

Nidek Autorefractor: 

An autorefractor measures how light is affected as it reflects through the eyeball to determine an individual's prescription. The autorefractor shines light into the eye and measures how it changes as it reflects off the retina. By showing the patient an image that moves in and out of focus, the measurements determine when the eye is properly focused. The final figures indicate the level of vision correction needed. The autorefractor is a helpful starting point for your optician to perform further tests and refine your prescription during your visit.

Ishihara Color Testing:

Color blindness, a common condition, often goes undiagnosed as people may not realize they perceive colors differently from others. However, testing for color blindness is simple.
The Ishihara Color Testing is a color vision test for detection of red-green color deficiencies. The Ishihara test contains several colored plates which contain a circle of dots appearing in random order of color and size. Within the pattern are dots which form a number or shape, visible to individuals with normal color vision, but invisible or challenging to see for those with a red-green color vision deficiency. If you think you or your child may be color blind, get a color vision test right away.


iCare Tonometer:

As part of your complete eye exam, your optometrist or a technician will measure your eye pressure. This pressure check is called tonometry. Tonometry can help your healthcare provider determine if you’re at risk for glaucoma.
iCare tonometers are compact, handheld devices utilized for measuring IOP (intraocular pressure). They evaluate the deceleration and rebound time of a small, lightweight probe, which briefly touches the cornea, and can be used without the need for local anesthesia.

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